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Seattle Chiropractor

Drug-free Headache Treatment in Seattle

If you’ve ever suffered a bad headache or migraine, you aren’t alone. Most people experience occasional headaches, but others suffer from chronic headaches that negatively impact their relationships, work, and daily life. Frequent slouching, prolonged sitting, and poor posture are the major cause of severe headaches. Fortunately, headaches are often treatable by gentle, drug-free chiropractic care.

A trigger point is a knot in the muscles that refers pain to other places. Tension headaches are commonly the result of trigger points in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. By gently manipulating vertebrae to correct the spine’s alignment, muscles that were spasming, relax, relieving headache pain.

Dr. Devine has over 30 years of experience treating chronic headaches. At Devine Chiropractic & Rehab Center, in Seattle, WA, your treatment will start with a thorough examination of your condition and a postural evaluation to determine the causes of your headaches. In addition to gentle chiropractic adjustments, you will be given you exercises, stretches, and ergonomic tips to improve your headaches.

We know how debilitating migraines and headaches are and look forward to helping you live pain-free.

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