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Seattle Chiropractor

Who should see a chiropractor? If you sit a computer all day, the answer could be you

Many people think that chiropractic care is only for people who’ve been injured in auto accidents or people who have chronic pain. While we treat plenty of auto accident victims and people suffering from chronic back pain, we also treat many people who work at desk jobs. This is because many people who sit at a desk all day develop significant aches and pains in the back, shoulder and neck.

Back pain is often caused by bad posture. If you spend your days slouching over a computer or are hunched-over talking on your phone for extended periods, your bad posture can lead to serious health consequences. Good posture helps keep the structures of your spine healthy, and, people who practice good posture look more attractive. Poor posture is a leading cause of muscle strain, as it places excess stress on the spine. Over time, this stress can change the anatomical structure of your spine by constricting blood vessels and nerves, and cause problems with muscles, discs, and joints.

If you are experiencing shoulder, back or neck pain from your desk job or other cause of bad posture, give us a call at Devine Chiropractic & Rehab Center. We can help!

Our friendly and experienced chiropractors know how to relieve those aches and pains and will teach you tips and tricks to set up your workstation properly. We will teach you exercises to strengthen weaknesses and correct your posture, as well as help avoid further injuries in the future.

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