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Goodbye, Seattle!

Dear Patients,
It is with mixed emotions that I am leaving Seattle after 31 years of practicing downtown. I was fortunate to enter into a profession that I love — a love that grew out of meeting so many wonderful people with whom I could share humor, stories, friendships and life experiences. I can honestly say that I’ve never had a bad day at the office! Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this incredible journey. I’m grateful for your trust, your loyalty, and most of all, your friendship. It has been an honor to be your chiropractor. I will miss you all.

I am not currently treating patients. Past patients have been transferred to Dr. Lim and Dr. Rachana. Please contact Chiro One Wellness at Pike Street 206 623-2225 to continue your care or request records.

Contact info for credentialling purposes and updating directories only.
583 Battery Street #3703
Seattle, WA 98121
253 219-7879
[email protected]

Dr. Devine